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Animals with Emo Haircuts

May 15th, 2007 by Pete

Below is a picture of a cow with an Emo haircut which has been amusing greatly recently, I added the “Emoo” speech bubble myself!

Cow with an Emo Haircut (Emooo!)

If you have any pictures of animals with Emo haircuts send them to me and I’ll get them up on this blog straight away, I’ve been having trouble finding many.

Talking about Emo I was quite amused last night to see Hollyoaks use the My Chemical Romance song Teenagers as their opening track, they haven’t used the Hollyoaks classic One Way or Another by Blondie for a while, I’m looking forward to when that’s used again.

Pete Graham xXx

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Scissor-kicks in Hell

April 12th, 2007 by Pete

I’d been getting into my running quite recently, so much so that I’d bought some new trainers and was contemplating running the London Marathon in 2008. Tragically, this may never happen as I managed to aggravate my long-standing knee injury last Saturday.

I was hanging out at Hell, Wolverhampton’s premier emo club, I decided to attempt a jumping scissor-kick. The kick was amazing, undoubtedly the greatest dance-move pulled off that night, apparently it made me look much like a young Davey Havok! Unfortunately on landing, I slipped on the dance floor, my left knee gave way and buckled beneath me.

The most upsetting thing is that no-one videoed it, if they had I could have gained world wide fame on YouTube by now, or at least have got featured on You’ve Been Framed. Pictured below Johnny Borrell from Razorlight practicing some Kung-Fu.

Jumping Kung-Fu Kick

I am going to attempt some weight lifting at the gym tonight but think any running is out of the question for the next few weeks, at least. Any suggestions for potential hobbies, would be appreciated in the meanwhile.

Pete Graham xXx

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