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Jacko’s Giant Robotic Erection

March 29th, 2007 by Pete

King of Pop Michael Jackson is planning to erect a 50 foot robotic version of himself outside of Vegas that incoming plane passengers will be able to see from the air. The Robot giant will be placed in the desert and will feature laser beams shooting from his eyes into the heavens above.

robot michael jackson from moonwalker

Apparently the Robot will be built if a series of Las Vegas shows go ahead featuring Jacko, it this happens I’m getting myself out to Vegas again, it sounds amazing! I haven’t made this up check out the original story on engadget.

If you enjoyed my robot innuendo you might like this story too.

Pete Graham xXx

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Workmen Wallies

March 13th, 2007 by Pete

Workmen from Bristol have painted over the earliest know Banksy mural because they thought it was vandalism that needed clearing up. Although the Banksy tag would have originally been considered vandalism, Bristol Council ordered all Banksy “street art” to be preserved when the artist gained mainstream exposure. The piece of art painted over had been done on the side of a garage and is thought to have been worth around £100,000.

Banksy Mural

Pictured above is the mural before and after with a picture of a balaclava sporting Bansky in the corner. You can notice that some sharp witted satirist has written “Wot No Banksy?” on the black paint afterwards.

bansy fat lane street art

This “fat lane” picture is one of my personal favourite Banksy photo’s. Apparently there is a new form of vandalism on the rise that you can’t be prosecuted for, this involves cleaning dirty walls to leave pictures or messages on them. Surely this has been being done for years with hilarious slogans being written on White Vans. My favourite White Van slogan is “I wish my wife was as dirty as this van”.

My last wally of the week was Drink Drive Wally.

Pete Graham xXx

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