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May 2007
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Animals with Emo Haircuts

May 15th, 2007 by Pete

Below is a picture of a cow with an Emo haircut which has been amusing greatly recently, I added the “Emoo” speech bubble myself!

Cow with an Emo Haircut (Emooo!)

If you have any pictures of animals with Emo haircuts send them to me and I’ll get them up on this blog straight away, I’ve been having trouble finding many.

Talking about Emo I was quite amused last night to see Hollyoaks use the My Chemical Romance song Teenagers as their opening track, they haven’t used the Hollyoaks classic One Way or Another by Blondie for a while, I’m looking forward to when that’s used again.

Pete Graham xXx

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8 Responses

  1. charlie Says:

    Are you sure it is a cow? It sounds like a load of bull to me!

  2. charlie Says:

    Here’s another.

  3. Pamela Gardner Says:

    i have an old english and yeh she dus have an emo haircut lol

  4. holly Says:

    haha…..i would so do that cow!!!…..

  5. Large Hamster Cage Says:

    been looking for something like this all day :) thanks.

  6. Maybelline Says:

    I know that this entry is years old, but this “emo cow” is called a highland cow; it’s not fake/photoshoped by any means. Their hair is like that naturally. Search “highland cow”.

  7. rolex salah Says:

    my rolex salah

  8. Louanne Says:

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