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A woman walks into a bar…

May 7th, 2010 by Pete

A woman walks into a bar and asks for a “double entendre”. So the bartender gave her one.


If like me you like double entendres then you’ll probably enjoy these British TV Double Entendre’s.

Pete Graham xXx

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Amazing Animated Gifs #3: Pig Rider

May 7th, 2010 by Pete

It’s a man riding a pig. What more do I need to say. This man is clearly a true hero, look at his enjoyment of the moment, see how he has tamed the savage beast, is he drinking a beer? Oh yes! What a legend.

If you liked that then you make also enjoy Amazing Animated Gif #2. Also I found some absolutely beautiful pieces of animated gif artwork over at Change The Thought.

Pete Graham xXx

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Pete’s top 7 Marmite Products List

May 7th, 2010 by Pete

As many of my more attentive readers will know I’m a big fan of Marmite Yeast Extract Spread™. In recently years Marmite has really branched out with a multitude of spin off products. If there’s one thing I like more than Marmite it’s making lists so here’s my top 7 list of Marmite products.

  1. Classic Marmite in a real glass jar
  2. Marmite Crisps
  3. Marmite Cheddar Bites (basically Marmite flavored Mini Chedars)
  4. Marmite Cheese
  5. Marmite Cereal bars
  6. Marmite Breadsticks
  7. Squeezy Marmite in a silly plastic container

marmite cat

I’m yet to try the Marmite Rice Cakes, but rice cakes are a bit rubbish in general so there probably going in towards the bottom of the list. According to the Marmite Wikipedia Page there are Marmite Cashew Nuts available (think I saw them advertised on the tube), Nuts are pretty ace so I’d image these will go in around 2 or 3.

The Marmite cereal bars are nice but have a strange soft consistency for a cereal bar. It’s also a bit odd to have a cereal bar which is savory. I wonder if Marmite will branch out and make an actual cereal, I suspect not as the combination of Marmite and milk would be a bit weird.

Pete xXx

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Amazing Animated Gifs #2: Interview with a Vampire

May 6th, 2010 by Pete

This really is one of my favorite gifs ever, what’s this brooding gothic character handing to Brad Pitt…

Its was a drawing of a cock all along hahahahahahahahah! I’m not sure who the creative genius that made this was but I suspect it may be the same artist that made this “messge from batman”.

message from batman

Message from batman graphic via Nick “Creative Powerhouse” Wavish. Check out Amazing Animated Gif #1 or AAG1 as the cool kids are calling it.

Pete Graham xXx

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Proof Reader Wally

May 6th, 2010 by Pete

This weeks wally of the week is the person that was employed to do the proof reading for the cookbook: The Pasta Bible. A mistake in one of the recipes was over looked and it was published saying the dish required “salt and freshly ground black people”. 7,000 copies of the book are to be pulped and the mistake will cost the company over $2,000 (that’s about £8.50 last time I checked the exchange rate). More information over at the Guardian.


Above is a picture from the pasta scene in Lady and Tramp which is possible the most romantic scene in any cartoon ever. Last week’s wally of the week were Workmen Wallies, well I say last week in reality that post was actually made over two years ago. Via John “it’s not gay if you give it” Atkins.

Pete Graham xXx

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Amazing Animated Gifs #1: Midget Wrestling

May 6th, 2010 by Pete

People who know me know I’m a huge animated gif enthusiast. I’ve decided to start a new section where I publish some of my favourite animated gifs from around the internet. The below gif really does has everything; midgets, wrestling, yellow speedos. It is truly a work of beauty. Enjoy!

Midgets Wrestling

If you liked this gif then you will probably enjoy the Homoerotic  Hassel Hoffian Recursion too. Orginal source

More coming soon you gif maniacs!

Pete Graham xXx

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Blogging Resumed (sort of)

June 28th, 2007 by Pete

So I haven’t done written on this blog for over a month, just thought I’d do a quick post to reassure people that I haven’t quit, as a number of my loyal reader have voiced their concerns.

I’ve had an extremely busy month (and a bit) with changing jobs, moving house and going to Glastonbury. For those of you that aren’t aware I’m now working as a Developer at unit9, and am living in London. My new place hasn’t got internet access hooked up yet but I’m hoping to get this sorted by mid-july, until then expect one or two blogs a week.

Take care of yourselves and each other,
Pete Graham xXx

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Animals with Emo Haircuts

May 15th, 2007 by Pete

Below is a picture of a cow with an Emo haircut which has been amusing greatly recently, I added the “Emoo” speech bubble myself!

Cow with an Emo Haircut (Emooo!)

If you have any pictures of animals with Emo haircuts send them to me and I’ll get them up on this blog straight away, I’ve been having trouble finding many.

Talking about Emo I was quite amused last night to see Hollyoaks use the My Chemical Romance song Teenagers as their opening track, they haven’t used the Hollyoaks classic One Way or Another by Blondie for a while, I’m looking forward to when that’s used again.

Pete Graham xXx

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Petes’s Advert Watch: Return of C2

May 14th, 2007 by Pete

Not only is the new Carling C2 advert for an absolutely terrible product but it’s officially the worst advert I’ve ever seen in my life! In the advert a Robot that looks similar to R2D2, but not similar enough for George Lucas to sue, goes into a Robot bar. We’ll call this robot C2D2 although in the ad he’s called something crap like X2000.

The R2D2 lookalike orders a C2 circuit board; apparently robots drink circuit boards not liquids. The bar goes silent, the other Robots are probably thinking “who’s this robosexual”. C2D2 then smugly announces “Yeh that’s right, half the strength, tastes great, and I like it”. The other robots then return to what they were doing and a television screen shows the slogan “C2 also available as larger”.

Carling 2 (c2): Also Available in Lager

Thankfully I’m not the only person to realise how bad this advert is, a full write-up on it can be found over on TV’s Worst Adverts. If you’re one of the lucky ones that hasn’t seen the ad yet then you can see this atrocity over on youtube. Here’s a link to my last advert watch. If you like robots then you might like my Top 7 robots list.
Pete Graham xXx

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Back in Black (New Pete Graham Photos)

May 10th, 2007 by Pete

Just checked my statistics for this blog and lots of the people reading it have been coming through the Google Image search, so expect lots more photos to be appearing on this blog soon.

I dyed my hair black last week so here are some recent photos of me:

Brooding Photo of Pete Graham

Brooding Shot of yours truly

Beautiful Picture of Pete Graham

Tasty Black and White Number

Pete Graham Pouting

Pete Graham Pouting

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